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Every employer has an employee benefits package — sometimes the company has several packages that differ according to job type or pay grade. Each benefit plan may define its eligibility standards differently. For example, some disability plans allow you to work with a partial disability, while others may not. Some allow you to receive catastrophic leave pay while you are waiting for your claim to be processed, while other plans may not have this option. Most people do not have the leverage to negotiate the terms of their benefits package when they begin a new job, but everyone should be aware of what those benefits are. If there are gaps in coverage, you may want to buy private disability or long-term care insurance. However, those policies have their limitations too.

No employee benefits package is perfect and sometimes you and your employer cannot afford to buy all of the coverage you want. But when you do have a benefits package and/or insurance policies, you have a right to expect that the employer and insurance companies will live up to their end of the bargain. If they do not, you will need a good employee rights and benefits law firm to help you get what you deserve. At DeBofsky, Sherman & Casciari, PC, our Chicago employee benefits lawyers are dedicated to helping working people enforce their rights and get all of the benefits they have worked for and deserve.

Working To Secure Employee Benefits In Chicago

No matter what kind of employee benefit you are having difficulty receiving, DeBofsky, Sherman & Casciari, PC, can help you secure it. Our clients' claims include:

  • Pension benefits
  • Profit-sharing plans
  • 401(k) and other retirement plans
  • Severance packages

Sometimes, disputes about your benefits can be resolved out of court, through a series of letters, phone calls, or face-to-face negotiation. Other disputes must be litigated in administrative or judicial hearings. No matter what it takes, DeBofsky, Sherman & Casciari, PC, is on your side.

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