The aging of the baby boomer generation has necessitated greater need for insurance coverage for nursing home stays and home care assistance. Long-term care insurance is designed to help defray the costly expenses of long-term care that can average more than $50,000 a year. However, the terminology of long-term care insurance policies is difficult to understand and obtaining reimbursement for expenses often leads to disputes with insurance companies.

Whether you purchased long-term care insurance through your employer or separately, you have legal options if the insurance company denies, discontinues or delays payments that you deserve.

Consult An Experienced Attorney About Insurance Claim Denial

At DeBofsky Sherman Casciari Reynolds P.C., we handle insurance claim disputes for clients throughout the U.S. With offices in Chicago, our firm is recognized and awarded as a top insurance litigation firm, and founding attorney Mark D. DeBofsky is among the best in the nation. The firm’s 60 years of combined legal experience handling insurance and other employee benefits cases yields a proven track record and several precedent-setting cases in various U.S. Courts of Appeals.

Any one of our seasoned attorneys can handle your case through every step of litigation and appeal. We deal with each major insurance company on a regular basis. We are familiar with the appeals process for each insurance company, and we know how to handle your claim to achieve your best possible results efficiently and effectively.

Collecting The Benefits You Deserve

We are working for you, and we are dedicated to our work. We are ready to take on cases where long-term care insurance companies have denied benefits for clients in nursing home care, assisted living homes, home health care arrangements and more. Long-term care insurance may also be available if you need a certain medical device, transportation assistance or physical therapy to help you maintain a normal lifestyle.

We can hold your insurance company accountable for bad faith insurance practices, violations of state and federal laws, and delay or denial of reasonable claims.

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Understand your rights, and speak with an attorney who can stand up for your benefits. Call us at 312-702-1842 or 800-237-5182, or send us an email to speak with a lawyer.

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