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How Does Long Term Disability Differ from Social Security?

If you are unable to work due to disability and are fortunate to have long term disability insurance through your employer, you may not realize the importance of also applying for Social Security disability insurance. Or your LTD benefits may have been denied despite your ongoing receipt of SSDI benefits, prompting you to wonder how is that possible […]


Update on ERISA-governed insurance benefit claims:  NACLE

Update on ERISA-governed insurance benefit claims: NACLE

ERISA law is constantly changing; and with each new ruling, the scope and context of how issues relating to disability, life and health benefits are resolved by the courts is constantly evolving.  In June of 2021, Mark DeBofsky recorded a continuing legal education program for the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education (NACLE) providing an update on ERISA-governed insurance claims.


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