Disability Benefits

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How long does disability retirement last?

If you suffer a disabling injury or illness and are a government employee or participate in a defined benefit pension plan, such as through a union, you may be eligible for a disability retirement pension, as distinct from or in conjunction with disability insurance.  Disability pensions provide monthly payments to workers who are not yet […]

Disability benefits & depression

If you are suffering from depression and it is impacting your ability to work, you may qualify for disability benefits based on your condition.  This article will discuss the principal issues to consider when filing a claim for disability benefits based on depression, and key considerations to keep in mind as you navigate the claim […]

Disability benefits turn on symptoms over diagnosis

Does the absence of a definitive diagnosis preclude an award of disability benefits? Courts have resoundingly answered that question in the negative, finding that a diagnosis is less important than findings relating to impairment. Symptoms of fatigue, pain, and compromised cognition can be characteristic of many illnesses that can be difficult to diagnose or treat. […]

UnitedHealth ERISA ruling exposes faults in health coverage

The availability of health insurance coverage for treatment of mental health conditions recently took a huge step forward with the entry of judgment by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in Wit v. United Behavioral Health.[1] After the issuance of a ruling in 2019 finding United Behavioral Health, or UBH — a UnitedHealth Group […]