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Why do health insurers deny claims?

When you are ill and a doctor recommends a course of treatment, you naturally assume that your health insurer will reimburse the cost.  That is not always the case, though, and it is not uncommon for benefits to be denied, especially if the costs are high.  Examples...

Mental health coverage required under 2008 parity act

Increasing awareness of federal requirements for equal health insurance coverage of mental and physical conditions has led to a spate of litigation relating to health insurance denials. In Christine S. v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, 2019 WL 6974772 (D. Utah,...


DeBofsky and Reynolds to speak at EBC Midwinter Meeting

Mark DeBofsky and William Reynolds will be speaking at the American Bar Association Employee Benefits Committee Midwinter Meeting in Rancho Mirage, California on February 6, 2020. William Reynolds: TOP TEN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TOPICS OF 2019 (Thursday, 2/6 at 8:15 a.m....


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