Independent Medical Exams And Disability Insurance

All disability insurance policies contain a provision requiring claimants to attend an independent medical exam (IME) if requested by the insurance company. However, the process is not always objective and the examiner who is selected may not truly be independent or free from bias.

If your disability insurance benefits are denied, discontinued or delayed at any time, you should speak with an experienced ERISA and disability insurance lawyer immediately to help you avoid being taken advantage of.

Our Service To Our Clients

At DeBofsky, Sherman & Casciari, PC , we collaborate with a network of medical experts in various fields who provide objective and unbiased second opinions on medical evaluations for insurance claims. Our attorneys in Chicago, Illinois, represent and advise clients throughout the U.S.

  • We work with your doctor and other medical professionals to fully examine your medical records, past claims, future health care needs and ability to earn a living.
  • The doctor who has been treating you on a regular basis often is the most qualified person to evaluate your condition, but this is rarely the person who the insurance company selects to perform the IME.
  • We often enlist the services of a vocational rehabilitation consultant to determine how realistic it is for you to find employment within the occupation and industry that you have developed the skills necessary to earn a living.

Let Us Take On This Challenge For You

There is much more to a disability insurance claim than an IME. If your insurance benefits have been denied based on the results of an IME, you can appeal, and we can help you take your first steps in the right direction today!

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