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How can you expect to get the disability benefits that you deserve when the odds are stacked against you? The complexities of your own insurance policy and even the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which is meant to protect your rights and benefits, may be used against your claim if you are not thoroughly prepared to defend it.

Seeking legal counsel and representation by a top-quality, proven disability insurance law attorney can shift the balance in your favor. At DeBofsky, Sherman & Casciari, PC , we are familiar with all state and federal laws impacting your disability insurance claim. We will help you understand why your benefits were denied, and we will zealously take all appropriate steps to get you the benefits that you deserve.

Our attorneys have experience handling claims and lawsuits against every disability insurance company and have achieved favorable resolutions for clients from all walks of life and industries.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, we handle cases throughout the U.S. and at all levels of court. If your benefits have been denied, delayed or diminished, call us at 312-702-1842 or 800-237-5182.

Resolution To And Peace Of Mind In The Disability Insurance Claim Process

We are proficient, responsive and compassionate. As a leading ERISA law firm in the Midwest, we put the law to work in your favor, and we confidently take on the challenges you face in the following areas:

Accessing the benefits you have paid for or transitioning from short- to long-term disability is rarely a straightforward process. We will help you at every step along the way. Let us assist you in receiving the benefits you deserve. Call one of our experienced advocates today.

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