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Success and restoration of benefits or insurance payments in an ERISA appeal is an extremely difficult and complicated process. In an ERISA appeal, plaintiffs/policyholders often find they possess very few rights. Insurance companies and employers have been able to tip the balance of justice in their favor over the years through case law and legal interpretations that arguably were not the intent of the original Employee Retirement Income Security Rights Act of 1974.

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Each of the attorneys at our law firm in Chicago focuses on ERISA, employee benefits and disability insurance claims. We handle claims appeals, mediation, arbitration and litigation in all legal forums and at all levels of court across the U.S.

Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined legal experience handling ERISA cases. Founding attorney Mark DeBofsky has handled precedent-setting ERISA cases in U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Circuit Courts, and he has testified on ERISA issues before the U.S. Congress and U.S. Department of Labor.

ERISA Appeals Procedure | Meeting Deadlines

Before an appeal through a court, the administrative appeals process must first be exhausted. This usually requires an appeal to your insurance company, which must be resolved before you may file a lawsuit on your claim.

ERISA claims appeals have varying timelines, and it is important to meet all of the legal requirements with the help of an experienced lawyer who understands how to build your file and properly submit an appeal before the deadline to do so expires.

Submitting a timely appeal is critical. The insurance company may take up to 90 days after receiving your appeal to make a decision.

Whether you have been denied a disability claim, retirement benefits or other insurance benefit, we understand that these delays are arduous and that you need legal remedy as quickly as possible. We work tirelessly for our clients in each individual case, and are committed to their best and quickest possible legal, financial and healthy recovery.

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