What Kind Of Claims Does ERISA Apply To?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is designed to protect employees' rights to benefits offered through their employers such as pension plans, other retirement plans, health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and other employer-sponsored benefits. Employers have certain fiduciary obligations, especially related to pensions and retirement plans, but much of the fiduciary duties are taken on by insurance companies that provide the policies and insurance coverage to employees.

ERISA regulates fiduciary duties involving employee benefits and retirement plans. If benefits are not provided according to policies or there is another breach of fiduciary duty, employees have the right to sue for benefits and damages.

What Is Not Covered By ERISA?

Perhaps the best way to understand ERISA regulation is to understand what is excluded from regulation under ERISA. Nearly all employer-sponsored benefits and insurance plans not included in the following list are regulated by ERISA:

  1. Voluntary insurance — policies and benefits issued by employers, but participation is voluntary, not endorsed by the employer and you pay your own premiums
  2. Individual insurance — policies purchased outside of policies that your employer offers
  3. Business owner insurance — policies purchased by business owners for themselves, which do not cover employees
  4. Government sector insurance — policies and benefits may include any public sector employee benefits and insurance policies issued by municipal, state or federal government
  5. Religious organization insurance — policies and benefits for employees of nonprofits, schools, museums, mission organizations, hospitals, youth organizations and other organizations affiliated with recognized religions

If you believe that your benefits or insurance plan may not be covered by ERISA, you should contact our Chicago office immediately. You may have more legal rights to maximizing the value of your case and taking effective legal action.

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