Life Insurance

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ERISA Ruling Shows Reluctance for Disability Claim Remand

Employee Retirement Income Security Act civil procedure often departs in significant respects from the normal civil procedure utilized uniformly by federal courts in all civil actions in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. One aspect of ERISA civil procedure that is especially questionable despite its near-uniform acceptance by the federal judiciary is the […]

What Is an Interpleader?

A process server comes to your door and delivers a summons, and something called a complaint for interpleader. What does that mean? How do you respond? For most people in that situation, the answer is to put the papers in a drawer and hope the matter goes away. But if you do that, you may […]

Ensure Future Financial Security With Life and Accidental Death Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies can provide future financial stability in the event of accidental death or dismemberment. A conversation about life or accidental death and dismemberment insurance may seem grim, but having the right insurance policies to provide financial security in the event of unforeseen and premature death is an essential part of any financial plan. […]

Does Suicide Make a Life Insurance Policy Void?

The common beliefs about how suicide and life insurance intersect are ill-informed, at best. First, there’s the trope of a down-on-their-luck protagonist thinking their family would be better off if they committed suicide, if only for the policy benefits. Then there’s the idea that this scheme used to work, but insurance companies have gotten wise […]