Author: Matthew Maloney

What to Do if You Are Being Surveilled by Your Long-Term Disability Insurer

Long-term disability (“LTD”) insurers will sometimes conduct surveillance of benefit recipients and claimants to assess their ongoing entitlement to benefits. Disability insurers will look for video surveillance footage that captures physical activity inconsistent with the claimant’s alleged disability. Naturally, this can be a cause for concern and feel like […]

Can I Claim Disability Benefits if I Am Terminated?

One issue that frequently arises in the realm of disability benefits is whether an employee can continue to receive disability benefits after being terminated from his or her job. Before diving into the issue of disability benefits after termination, it is first important to understand the difference between a medical […]

When to Hire a Health Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer

Navigating a denial of your private health insurance claim at a time when your focus is on receiving the medical care you need can seem like an uphill battle with your insurance company. Healthcare claims are often complex. It is important to consult with a lawyer who focuses on health insurance claims and possesses the expertise and knowledge to get your claim approved and prevent you from being stuck with a medical bill that your health insurer should pay. […]