Our firm is proud to sign up as a “Supporting Sponsor” of the UMass Pension Action Center (PAC). The PAC provides free legal services to people whose retirement benefits are wrongly denied and secures retirement benefits through advocacy and education.

The PAC has been more critical than ever during the pandemic. As of Q3 2022, the PAC has served more than 11,000 individuals and recovered over $68 million in retirement benefits.

The theme of the October 11 2022 fundraising event is ‘Retirement Lost: Enhancing the Durability of the 401(k).’  Please join us for the event.

DeBofsky Law benefits attorneys provide counsel and legal representation to employees to fight for the retirement ad pension benefits they earned.  If something seems wrong with what your employer and/or plan administrator tells you about your retirement benefits, you should consult a lawyer. You may even want to seek retirement benefits and pension legal counsel before initiating a claim under your plan.


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