Disability Benefits

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FAQs you should be asking about disability insurance

Obtaining disability insurance is tricky. If you are purchasing coverage to supplement employer-supplied insurance or seeking insurance because you have no other coverage, there are a lot of variables to consider. It’s a sad fact, but many Americans give little thought to disability insurance coverage until it is needed. Understanding the following information will strengthen […]

Doctor’s visit without treatment no reason to turn down benefits

Issues regarding pre-existing condition exclusions continue to raise concerns in litigation over disability benefits. The principal question raised is whether insurers may use hindsight to establish that any doctor visit prior to the commencement of coverage for symptoms that could possibly be related to the later diagnosed disabling impairment would be sufficient to trigger the […]

How to challenge a disability insurance denial?

The rationale behind the purchase of disability insurance is to provide an economic safeguard against unforeseen sickness or accidental injury.  When misfortune occurs, economic hardship results.  And if benefits are denied without justification, the premiums invested in insurance coverage appear worthless.  All is not lost, though, because there are ways to fight back. Step 1: […]